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Post 16 at Freemantles.

Here are a selection of galleries showing students in a range of settings during their week in FE at Freemantles. Community outings, College links, work experience and on site activities all play an important role in preparing our students for transitioning from Freemantles to College, work and residential placements.



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College Link

College links are an important part of preparing students for life after Freemantles and helping them to generalise skills learnt in different environments.


Work Experience

Work Experience can be quite a challenge for our students but it is an essential part of preparing them for their future placements. Once some of the initial reservations have been overcome, students go on to have a great new experience. Students from FE have worked in Care Homes, Cafes, Stables, Army Barracks, The Mayford Centre and more.


Community Base

The students have a number of different tasks to complete such as get newspapers, stamps or find out information from the train/bus station. These outings are shadowed by staff, which is reduced and less obvious support based on our knowledge of the individual students' abilities.