Freemantles Primary


As with all Special School places admissions to the school are handled directly through the Surrey County Council Education Department Area Office and you should contact them in the first instance on 01483 518110.

Parents are welcome to visit the school informally to meet senior staff and have a tour of the school. This is so that you can assess how you feel about what we are working to achieve and see our facilities. We offer tours for small groups of parents throughout the year, so please phone the office to book a place if you wish to visit. Tours are offered to all parents, whether we have spaces or not.

We do ask parents not to bring their child who is a potential pupil or any siblings during the tour as we would like to take you into classrooms, and we would like to avoid any confusion for your children and the children in the classes. If necessary, parents can tour separately.

If appropriate, the Area Office will allocate a Case Officer and send formal papers to the school. If the school is potentially able to offer a place we then arrange for a formal visit either to see your child in their current educational setting or allowing time in a Freemantles class for your son or daughter, this enables us to make a brief assessment as to their suitability for the school and the existing cohort.

If the school has no spaces in the cohort we will usually respond according to the paperwork, as an assessment would raise potential hopes. We respond to the Area Office as to whether we can meet their Special Educational Needs and whether we have a space within that class group. It is then the Local Authority, not the school that offers the place to you.

Many Reception visits are initiated through Early Years Providers and support services. However, formal application to the school always requires the involvement of the Area Office.

Because of the nature of the needs of potential pupils and the fact that they are unable to wait for placement to become available, neither the school nor the local authority run a waiting list. If a space becomes available all pupils who would potentially be appropriate for the school in that year group, who were looking for a place at that time, would be considered.


School Tours During COVID-19

It has been agreed in the Freemantles School COVID Risk Assessment that the school will offer individual tours for two sets of parents:

  • Parents of possible reception children for September 2021.
  • Parents of children in other years groups who have already been offered a place.

We are offering tours for these groups because we feel it is vital for us to have face to face meeting with parents whose children are about to start school for the first time and/ or have a very realistic possibility of being successful in being offered a place with us.

These tours will be after school hours and will be limited to a discussion and a look at a classroom and outdoor space.

We have very limited spaces in all our existing year groups. We have previously offered tours to all parents who have asked. However, during COVID-19 and for all the time that we have restrictions or limitations on our usual running due to COVID-19, we will not be able to offer these wider tours as we do not have the capacity and believe it would present too great a risk. We apologise for this and would respectfully suggest that parents try to gather as much information as they can about the school from our website as an alternative.