Freemantles Primary


Protective Measures Risk Assessment

Updated for 8th March 2021 (with tracked changes):

Risk Assessment additions / changes - based on the Additional Operational Guidance for Special Schools (February 2021) for 8th March reopening

  • Therapists – first step from 8th March to review after Easter. Return onto site for socially distanced meetings with teachers to discuss individual pupils throughout the class and their situations. No classroom access initially.
  • Include in the list of people needing to self-isolate and not come into the setting if: they are required to quarantine having recently travelled from certain other countries outside the Common Travel Area
  • Re-emphasise children over 11’s should wear face coverings on transport if they can and bring spares.
  • Secondary Expect to wear face coverings if they are able to in classrooms and corridors (not outside or during PE / exercise). Share with pupils and parents the guidance for wearing face coverings safely. To be reviewed at Easter.
  • If anyone tests positive whilst not experiencing symptoms but develops symptoms during the isolation period, they must restart the 10-day isolation period from the day the symptoms start.
  • Feb 21 guidance on ventilation states:
    1. a) Natural ventilation – opening windows (in cooler weather windows should be opened just enough to provide constant background ventilation and opened more fully during breaks to purge the air in the space.
    2. b) Natural ventilation – if necessary external opening doors may also be used (as long as they are not fire doors and where safe to do so.

To balance the need for increased ventilation while maintaining a comfortable temperature, consider:

  • Increasing ventilation while spaces are unoccupied.
  • Providing flexibility in dress codes and uniform to allow additional, suitable indoor clothing.
  • Rearranging furniture where possible to avoid direct draughts
  • Heating should be used as necessary to ensure comfort level are maintained.
    • The guidance states that Children not attending from 8th March we need to be contacting parents daily to offer both pastoral and remote learning support and help with returning to school if applicable.
    • The guidance states that: ‘Face visors or shields should not be worn as an alternative to face coverings. They may protect against droplet spread in specific conditions but are unlikely to be effective in preventing aerosol transmission. In an education setting environment they are unlikely to offer appropriate protection to the wearer.’

However, where staff are unable to wear a mask, we continue to request that staff wear a face shield to give a little more protection to both the wearer and those around them.

  • Testing for staff will remain in school until Easter and will be reviewed at that point. The guidance suggests that staff will move to testing at home.
  • The testing of Secondary age pupils is recommended to start initially in school before it moves to home testing. As stated previously we do not intend to test pupils in school due to our concerns about possible negative impact. However, we will support parents of secondary age pupils who wish to undertake this testing at home or even to trial it.
  • The leadership discussed the size of bubbles and the challenge of staffing bubbles safely without moving staff between bubbles. The issue being that, whilst increasing a bubble size from 2 classes to 4 classes gives you access to a larger staff pool to cover, it also increases the size of the bubble closure should there be a positive test result within it. Given that the COVID data currently remains high. We decided  to maintain the two class bubbles and rules about staff not moving between bubbles until a review at easter. This may mean that we have to reintroduce some rota’s for children if the staffing in a bubble is unsafe for all children to be in.
  • This decision exceeds the government guidance which suggests staff can move between bubbles if necessary although it should be minimised. We have taken this decision as so many of our pupils struggle with being able to consistently adhere to the many other controls such as social distancing, personal hygiene etc.
  • In the last month staff have been accessing COVID Vaccinations. All staff who wished to have a vaccine will have had their first vaccine by the 8th March, this is fantastic news. We anticipate that once the vaccines are effective and especially once second doses have been given, staff will feel more confident to move between bubbles once again.
  • Community visits on the minibuses will remain unavailable until the review at easter given that the main Government message is stay at home.
  • Caravan trips / residentials are not happening again this year as we wouldn’t have the confidence that these could be successfully completed in the current climate and predictions.
  • Transport times – reverting back to the Sept – Dec plan. We will send out a reminder.