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Careers Education and Guidance

The Careers education and Guidance programme at Freemantles School contributes to the learning outcomes set out in the National Framework.  

Many of the skills taught will be integrated across the curriculum.

  • Students will have opportunities to learn the skills needed in the work place and the wider community.
  • There will be opportunities to learn about money and finance.
  • Enterprise opportunities will be given.
  • Functional skills will be taught that will include form filling and interview skills as appropriate.
  • There will be opportunities to visit different places where people work and meet a variety of people working in a range of jobs.
  • Visitors will be invited to come and talk about their jobs in assemblies and workshops
  • As they get older students will learn vocational skills and have opportunities for work experience.
  • Parents and students have yearly opportunities to learn about Life after Freemantles with visiting speakers from colleges and other agencies.
  • Students will be encouraged and taught how to contribute to meetings relating to their future.
  • Links are made with mainstream schools and colleges.
  • Every student has tutorial time when individual skills and needs can be identified and developed.

School destination data is analysed to assess impact of careers programme on pupils.

Policies linked: Work experience, Vocational

Careers Policy:

To view our Careers Policy, please visit the Policies page on our website.


Careers leader:

Phil Leach:


Life After Freemantles:

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