Freemantles Primary


At Freemantles our aim in terms of homework is to work with each individual and their family and to deliver what they need. This is explained in more detail in our policy regarding how homework is delivered for individuals and in the description of academic and informal homework activities to support parents and families in understanding what they can do to support their child in terms of what can effectively constitute homework.

Academic Homework

In our experience we have found that parents have very different perspectives on homework for their children. This appears to depend on a number of circumstances which include the complexity of a child’s autism and associated anxiety / behaviour difficulties, siblings and their homework etc. Therefore, and in accordance with our policy, we have agreed that we will set academic homework individually and as agreed with the parents, as they understand how this is going to work in their own context. We are committed to ensuring that we are able to meet these individual family needs. Where parents do not feel homework would be conducive or useful in their home circumstance, this is also accepted; students work very hard in school and may need time to process the day. At the initial meeting with parents at the beginning of the year teachers agree homework expectations with parents which is recorded and signed. We are trying to work to these expectations. If parent expectations with regards to homework change from those agreed on this form or do not feel that these are being fulfilled they should raise this initially with the classteacher, who will try and address it for you. If you are unhappy with this response please raise your concerns with the Assistant Headteacher for your child’s department. Ultimately if you remain unhappy please come and see the headteacher, please remember that staff are unable to address a concern you may have unless we are made aware of it. Ensuring homework meets your own specific needs is very important to us

Informal Homework Homework Policy