Freemantles Primary

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion ('EDI') are underpinning Freemantles’ core values, mission and rationale. Freemantles recognises the uniqueness of every individual and will seek to apply EDI principles accordingly, to create an environment where all children, young people and adults feel comfortable, respected, challenged and supported appropriately.

Freemantles first priority is alway the needs of the individual (pupil, parent, family, staff members) and therefore, our equality of opportunity will be based upon the equity of being treated individually. Freemantles always promotes inclusivity whenever and wherever this is in the best interests of the individual, but also recognises that this may not always be the case. Equality considerations will be embedded into the day-to-day work of the school so that it tackles discrimination and inequality.

Freemantles is a place where, when possible, the community can safely explore the world, humanity, faith and any belief without fear of judgement, condemnation or ridicule. It is a place where it is acceptable to enter into and leave discussion, to offer different views, to disagree and to involve people of all ages, cultural backgrounds and faiths. Freemantles will welcome all pupils irrespective of faith or none. Freemantles has adopted and appropriately differentiated the RE syllabus from the local authority and ensures that diversity is appreciated.

Freemantles provides opportunities for every pupil to thrive by developing each individual, providing tailored and effective education and care, for each person to fulfil their potential and be valued members of society prepared well for adulthood.

Freemantles builds community feedback into our policy cycles and look to continuously evolve and develop to improve practice. We support pupils, parents and carers to develop well-being and resilience and work in partnership with other organisations. Freemantles serves all appropriate children and young people  regardless of faith, academic ability, race, LGBTQ+ or gender diversity and admit pupils with specific educational, special and medical needs. We work extremely hard to ensure that no group is inadvertently excluded from any activities that we plan.

Freemantles prides itself as being a welcoming and inclusive organisation with a real commitment to continually raising awareness of equality and diversity matters and minimising discrimination and prejudice.

We need to recognise differences in people and celebrate the diversity mix in the school, but what we really achieve is belonging. We create a sense of belonging for all our staff, pupils and families making sure that our diversity and inclusion efforts do not end up isolating particular groups. Belonging allows an individual to be their authentic self.

We aspire to excellence, and a positive attention to values and behaviours is an essential part of that process. When carrying out our functions, we increasingly set equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of the way we do business by ensuring its core position in education delivery and employment practice and embedding it into our day-to-day ways of working. Our intention is to be recognised as a high performing school and the critical factor in this is the success of all pupils, families and staff. 

This strategy has been drawn up in partnership with our governors, staff and pupils.