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As is clear from the school aim, Freemantles as a community believes that a true partnership with the families of the students at the school is the best way to support the pupils to make maximum progress. We are committed to offering parents and siblings opportunities to work alongside and with us, to access training targetted to the needs of their children, and to support the use of the strategies that we are using in school in the home and other environments that the children encounter in order that they can understand what is happening to them.

We also offer regular meetings with parents to explore the pupils Individual Education Plan and Curriculum targets for each term and use both home school books, telephone calls and the class pages of the website to share information with parents about what has happened from day to day in school.

As a school we have an 'open door policy' for parents who have concerns or worries, although obviously in terms of organisation it is very much appreciated if parents phone and arrange meetings. For a fuller description of what we mean by an open door policy please use the following link:

What does an Open Door Policy mean?