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FUEL Project

FUEL Project


Unity of Mind and Body

Emotional Regulation


(feeding the mind and body project)

In order to maintain health and wellbeing, it is important for us all to look after both our body and our mind. This enables us to participate as fully as possible in all the occupations we want to as well as preventing ill health.

FUEL activities form an important part of the students day at Freemantles and need to be incorporated into life outside school. FUEL activities support the student to engage as much as possible within the school day, as well as being healthy occupations to pursue outside of school.

Examples of FUEL activities include:

Fitness – Daily mile (where students are encouraged to walk a mile a day)


Unity of Mind and Body – yoga to develop physical skills, mental focus and a feeling of calm

                 Sensory circuits – to develop co-ordination and modulation

Emotional regulation – Mindfulness to create a sense of calm and focus

                 Quick Shifts – to ease students between emotional states e.g. to calm quicker if upset.

Lifestyle – Trying new foods to develop healthy eating patterns.  

                   Identifying activities that help students feel good to increase quality of life.

Students access different FUEL activities depending on their individual interests, strengths and needs. Our aim is that thinking FUEL at home and at school will help students engage in occupations to support their own health and wellbeing.

We will be developing a list of resources for parents and carers to access through this page to support implementation of FUEL activities.


Emma Clee, Occupational Therapist