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Home Extended Learning Project (HELP)

Freemantles runs a Home Extended Learning Project where a trained member of staff can come into the home to help families to tackle a particular issue with a short term intervention. The emphasis is to help the parents / family to use the strategies that we have found to be effective in school to help the child understand what we are expecting of them.

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Feedback from families who have used the project

The TEACCH table strategy (put in place during the HELP project) works well to distract our son from his constant need to run. We still use this technique often, and find that it helps us alot


We as a family have found the H.E.L.P programme absolutely invaluable and still use the strategies taught. I was able to give specific examples of issues that we have at home with my son and together we came up with target problems to work on. Over the 6 weeks, the new strategies and interventions were introduced, we worked on them at home and then they were reinforced or tweaked at follow up visits.

The strategies are still used and have helped structure our day. I also learnt how school approaches issues and was able to replicate and apply the approaches to other issues we have had since.

Another benefit of school coming into the home is that my son was aware that there was crossover between the two environments and therefore realised he could no longer get away with what he wanted at home anymore!

I would definitely recommend this programme to everyone as it is so personal to you and your child and family situation and can target problem areas in the same way that school addresses situations.