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Below are some of the most frequently used school forms. Currently users can print out the form, complete it and send it into school with the home school book.


Uniform order form

The Uniform in the Primary and Secondary departments are different, this is to ensure that all students recognise that there is a significant difference between the Primary and Secondary sections of the school. Uniform can be ordered throughout the school year by completing the relevant form below.

Word icon Primary Uniform Order Form

Word icon Secondary Uniform Order Form


Special Diet Request Form

Any students having a School Dinner and requiring a special diet must have a current Special Diet Form in place. If you would like your child to start having school dinners, this form can be requested by contacting the school office. If your child has a food allergy that necessitates the use of a preloaded adrenalin injection, then the school will be in touch to arrange a meeting between parents, the Catering Supervisor and District Catering Manager. Please also read the poster below which contains advice regarding allergens in the school dinner menu.

PDF icon Advice Regarding Allergens in the School Dinner Menu


Preparing for Transfer or Annual Review Meeting - Form for Parents

This booklet records useful information about your son/daughter that will help us in their transfer or annual review. If you need any support filling in the information you may wish to ask a family member, teacher or friend. You can include photos if you wish and please add extra pages if you need to. The completed booklet will help others at your son/daughter's review understand more about them and will then be included as an appendix to the review form.  

Word icon Your review meeting booklet


Leave of Absence for Exceptional Circumstances

For further information on requesting student leave for exceptional circumstances, please see our school Attendance Policy.

PDF icon Application for Leave of Absence for Exceptional Circumstances


Medication Request Form

If your child will require medication in school time e.g. antibiotics, please complete and return the form below.

PDF icon Medication Request Form

It is important that we know of all regular ongoing medication that your child is taking in a 24 hour period, as if we needed to take your child into hospital at any point this is information that we would be expected to be able to share. If this medication changes please ensure that you also complete this form so that we have up to date information on our files.