Freemantles Primary

Elm Group - Latest News

Spring 1

Week 1

Elm have had very busy week! We had lots of fun in big book learning about how firemen help us. Elm got to go with their friends in Pine to Woking Fire Station and see some real firemen. Everyone got a turn at using the hose and exploring a fire engine. In numeracy we have started to look at time. We have all enjoyed learning about night & day and ordering our day. Elm enjoyed going to Woking Gym and exploring all the different equipment.


Week 2

This week in Elm we have been learning all about teachers in Big Book. We had lots of fun in art turning ourselves into teachers and creating our own schedules. Elm went to the shops and bought lots of foods beginning with the letter ‘T’ for phonics, everyone did really well waiting in the queue and paying for their items.


Week 3 

Elm has had another fun week. We all learnt about the letter ’P’ in phonics and tried new foods beginning with ‘P’. In Big Book we learnt about Policemen and we made our own police badges in art. In bucket we learnt about day & night and did some lovely singing.