Freemantles Primary

End of Parent/Carer Update

In 2021 – 2022 the children and young people and the staff team that we have here, at Freemantles, have been simply incredible. They have negotiated a huge amount of change as:

  • We continue to progress with the ambitious plans that are in development to create our Secondary and FE building and all the investigating, probing and digging up of sports fields (and the endless meetings to ensure we had thought of everything) that this entailed!
  • We have had our pods brought onto site and having work on them
  • We have had a significant degree of change within the leadership team
  • OFSTED have visited and found us to still be Outstanding…but with work to do to maintain it – and we have been working at introducing these changes in curriculum
  • Sharing our news and achievements on INSTAGRAM (if you are not yet following please do - I am hearing rave reviews from many parents as well as learning to use it myself!)
  • Caravan day trips for Primary classes, Secondary & FE residentials and FE DofE trips have all made a welcome return.
  • AND have negotiated all the challenges (that I will mention only very briefly as I want to remain positive)  COVID and all related to it!, recruitment in the sector, and now…extreme heat warnings!

We have been working on introducing some new values. We will still be working in the curriculum on the British values, but feel it would be good to have our own values that the community can all work towards. Our draft values are: 

Proposed New Values

Respect: Tolerance, understanding differences, caring, choice, having a voice.

Kindness: Caring, safety, support, challenge, compassion, empathy 

Enjoyment: Sharing interests, enjoying life, happiness, engaging, motivation, fun  

Lifelong Learning: Across all aspects of life, high expectations, resilience, emotional intelligence, job satisfaction, fulfilment, creativity, curiousity, independence.  

Working together: With each other, Collaboration, Teamwork, Flexibility, interdependence, Trust

If you have any thoughts on these please do let us know.

I have had many, many comments from both parents and staff about how lovely it has been to be able to have parents back in school for a number of events during this last term of the year…and in having you back in, we have realised how much we have missed seeing you here and in person, and had forgotten how much better the conversations can be face to face!

On the whole ,and given the context of what is happening generally in society, we feel it has been a successful year where the pupils have generally been in a good place in terms of their wellbeing and have been learning well – and this is down to the huge amount of work that the staff dedicate to them. Therefore I wanted once again to finish the school year with a massive vote of THANKS to the staff team and to wish them a fabulous summer holidays.

The Academic year 2022- 23 is set to be another year of change and development as we are very excited to be able to inform you that the (highly likely) start date for the new building work to begin on site is Aug 31st 2022. This will allow Jack and his site team to get all the jobs done over the summer that we need prior to the build starting so that we can manage without access to these spaces. We will be sharing a website with all members of the community that will enable us to watch the building as it goes up.

We have been putting together an ambitious New Freemantles Development Plan for the year, as the leadership team and governors are very keen to ensure that we never lose our focus on the core task of ensuring high quality teaching and learning experiences for our children and young people.

Within this we have decided to run some of our key training at the end of the holidays and again in the INSET days at the beginning of term so that we can ensure that the backlog that has been built up (due to COVID reasons) can be cleared. This will allow greater flexibility in working for all class teams.

The full plan will be shared on the Website at the beginning of the school year and we can offer either a virtual or face to face meeting where we can look at the key priorities that we are working towards.


Tianna would also like to add: 

I would like to say thank you to you all for your continued support over this past year and say how wonderful it has been to see each and every child flourish. Yesterday Primary held their celebration party which was a huge hit! I have never seen so many happy and content children in one space together, having an absolute ball! Wishing our leavers the best of luck whether that be in Freemantles Secondary School or a new venture, it has been a pleasure getting to know you. Have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you back in September.

In June we received the heart breaking news that one of our wonderful children Chloe in Birch class has been diagnosed with Leukaemia.  Since the diagnosis she has been incredibly brave and taken it all in her stride. Chloe has completed her first phase of Chemotherapy and her prognosis is that she is now in remission, but still with a longer journey ahead. Chloe has already undergone five blood transfusions and as a result her amazing mummy has asked if you wanted to do anything to support the family, it would be to give blood. 


 …and Kate’s message:

 A big thank you to all the parents and carers for your continued support and patience during another challenging year fuelled by COVID and in the last week extreme heat! We have had young people in Key Stage 4 this year achieving transition challenge awards, Bronze, Silver and Gold ASDAN awards as well as up in FE an array of OCR accreditations. Well done 😊 The tenacity of the students has been fantastic and not possible without the support of their parents and carers in the background. Thank you!  

A final thank you to the wonderful, hardworking and dedicated staff team, without whom, none of this would be possible. 

Enjoy the summer break and I look forward to seeing you all in the Autumn term. 


I also have updates to add below from both the Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy teams:

The Speech and Language Therapy Team have been pleased to welcome two new assistants in the summer term, Giselle Salmon and Odette Ford. At the end of the academic year, Helen (SaLTA) will no longer be working at Freemantles due to taking a different role within our wider Speech and Language Therapy team. Suzie Burroughs and Jess Hayward (SaLTs) will sadly be leaving us- We wish them the very best of luck. In September Zoe Taylor (SaLT Team lead at Freemantles), Olly Stewart (Specialist SaLT), Giselle Salmon (SaLTa) and Odette Ford (SaLTa) will continue to work at Freemantles. We are looking forward to welcoming new therapists in the autumn term, and we will communicate which therapist is allocated to your child’s class, and complete full handovers if your child’s therapist changes at the start of the autumn term. We hope you enjoy the summer and look forward to working with you and your children in September.

The OT team look forward to seeing everyone again in September and will be in Freemantle’s School every Wednesday and Thursday so please get in contact with any questions. We would like to wish you all happy and safe summer holidays.

Rachel OT –

Danni OT -

Glenda OT assistant -


Best wishes to all of our leavers this year. Both the children from across a number of Primary year groups and the young people leaving in FE. We wish you and your families well and hope you keep in touch. We also wish the staff leaving well in their onwards lives too.

Finally, I would like to say a massive thank you to the whole community, as I really do appreciate the support that we have and do receive from you all; even when we are having to make difficult and complex decisions. I would like to wish you all a fantastic and happy Summer, although I am also aware that for some of you this longer holiday can be really challenging. With this in mind, I would like to indicate that there will be senior staff monitoring the SLMT email address throughout the Summer (although our response rates may not be quite as efficient as usual!) and if you feel that there is something that we might be able to help with please do get in touch.

Best wishes to all and looking forward to seeing everyone again for another great year in September!



Executive Head