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Headteacher's Weekly Update - 15th February 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

Firstly, apologies to those of you who are avid readers of this update, the newsletter and the website as I have asked Karin to include this information in all three places so that as many of you as possible get to read it.  

Once again my week has been mostly dominated by the Quad and looking to ensure that the building is back open for the Monday 25th February. The contractors have been working on the building since Wednesday (once they had had delivery of the things that they had ordered when the building became available unexpectedly early) and it appears that the weather forecast for the half term week will work in our favour, as the work to stop the water building up in the roof area needs the weather to be good so that they can open up the roof and effect the repairs. The contractors were always very confident that they could complete the work in the timeframe as long as the weather was supportive of this and they are planning on working during weekends too.

Hopefully the warm daytime weather and clear skies will also mean that we have frosts which will enable the contractors to test what they are doing and understand whether their repairs have actually been effective or not! This would be the ideal situation for us as I understand it.

One of my biggest concerns is that we need to be able to continue to keep an eye on how things are going with the building work throughout the half term and keep parents informed, so that as we approach the end of the week we are able to let you know what to expect. I have therefore set up two routes for me to remain informed; firstly more informally through Jack and Linda who will be in for the week and able to feedback to me on what they are seeing and hearing from the staff actually working on the Quad, and then secondly with a daily email from Surrey’s project manager – who will update me officially on the contractors' view of their progress. Karin is also in and will be able to send out any information / update the website for parents if we have any news which clarifies the situation, so that we know that the quad will definitely be able to open.

If we have no clarity as to whether it can open or not by Friday, I will be coming into school and will be in touch personally with each affected parent on the telephone to discuss the situation. Therefore, please can I ask you to let us know through the front office if you are going to be somewhere different or best contacted on a number different to the one we currently have.

I have managed to have one day this week where I have been able to undertake a different role as I had been asked to speak in Poole at the Woking Heads residential conference. I presented a talk on Autism Friendly schools, which included a section on also adapting the curriculum to meet needs and I have received some excellent feedback – including that the conversations and ramifications about what I had been saying had rumbled on throughout the evening… I was quite radical!

In addition we have decided that due to the disruption to learning that has happened for the students in the Quad we will cancel the INSET day that was due on March 4th.

I hope you all have a good break and look forward to a less eventful half term next time!