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Ski Trip 2019


Friday 25th January 2019

A lovely day of skiing on Thursday. After a heavy snowfall on Wednesday afternoon and evening, the roads were cleared and the sun came out. All the students had a lovely day skiing. Skills have continued to improve.

We had a great evening last night when six of our boys were happy to be in the talent show and performed a cover of the Coldplay song Paradise. This is an achievement for our students as it is a busy environment with all the other schools and staff.

We are just getting ready for our last day of skiing!



Thursday 24th January 2019

Yesterday was a much colder day but we wrapped up warm and didn’t get too cold. Skiing went on as usual with just a slightly earlier finish time in the afternoon. It was good to get back in the warm and the students enjoyed relaxing in their rooms until dinner.

Skiing skills continue to develop. 3 students went up the mountain in the morning and were improving their parallel turns and practising jumps. Unfortunately the visibility was not good so the afternoon was on nursery slopes doing slalom racing which looked great fun and improved their control at speed.

Two intermediate students have improved control and are practicing skills of changing direction with parallel turns.

Our two first time skiers continue to improve and are showing greater control. All are enjoying it and when offered a rest afternoon yesterday preferred to continue skiing.

Last night they all ate as much as they could!

6 students went to the disco for a while before we chased them off to bed to get some rest.

We do seem to have cold going through students in one room but no one is too ill - just lots of sniffles and coughs!

It has snowed all night so there is a fresh half metre of snow this morning.


Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Tuesday was another cold but sunny day.

Students continued learning well and most of our students are now fairly independent putting on ski boots - which is far more difficult than it sounds involving complicated planning skills to avoid standing in the snow in socks!

The students on the nursery slopes continued to learn basic ski skills of turning and skiing in a controlled manner. Our three more advanced skiers went up on the mountain again and did some excellent skiing. However we did see some very hungry behaviour with some bad temper - all a lot better after a good lunch and lots of snacks.

Students and staff enjoyed a swim in the pool before dinner.

Most of the students went to the evening activity of karaoke before going to bed and sleeping well.

This morning looks cloudy with very cold temperatures predicted so we will wrap up warm before heading to the slopes.


Monday 21st January 2019

Everyone had a good night’s sleep and got up for breakfast at 7 .30am.

Great first day out on the slopes. It has been a beautiful day although chilly with maximum temperatures of 2 degrees Celsius in the sun.

All our students have done really well. The five students returning to Prato Nevoso all remembered really well and skied very well. Three students went on the chair lift up the mountain and the others spent the day on the nursery slope.

The two beginner skiers have made a start and have been learning to snow plough to stop. 


Sunday 20th January 2019

All arrived safely after the long journey.

The students slept quite well, staff not quite as well! Some snow here at the resort with a lot in the forecast this week.

Everyone has now had lunch. Some eating three plates of pasta and tomato sauce!

This afternoon we will unpack and then go down to get ski boots fitted.