Freemantles Primary

Update to Parents/Carers 15th May 2020

Dear Parents / Carers

Following conversations within Surrey and with the Governors at Freemantles we have risk assessed the planned partial re-opening on the 1st June and have decided, reluctantly, that it is not going to be possible to have completed all of the actions that we need to prior to this date. Therefore we have agreed that we will be working towards a reopening date of 8th June.

We have put a plan together that is ready to go but are being advised to hold off on sharing the plans until all the most relevant guidance from the DFE has been received. We were originally told that this would be out on Tuesday this week,  but it is still not here and I have been told today that it will now be next week before it comes out. It is important for us to have this guidance as Primary School guidance that came out last night has meant that many primary schools may have to completely change their plans.There were two further considerations in our decision – the first was that there are currently continued discussions with the unions which need to be resolved and we are also awaiting further pieces of guidance and support from Surrey County Council. Following receiving all of this we will need to take the plans for agreement at a full Governing body and then consult with parents and staff before we are able to figure out all of the logistics for those pupils coming in.

We will, of course, be continuing to run the smaller offer for critical worker and a few other children during the week 1st -8th June.


Best wishes,



Justin Price

Head Teacher