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Animal Area

In September 2011 we started to develop our animal area to give our students the experience of taking care of different animals. We currently have 9 guinea pigs, 7 rabbits, 2 cockerels, 15 hens & 2 degus!

Most students from Keystage 3, 4 & FE have Animal Care scheduled once a week. Usually, half of the class spend each half term learning the correct feeding & watering procedures for a single animal.  A TEACCH system is used to encourage students to work independently from basic steps through to feeding, watering & cleaning out. All students are encouraged to change into & out of the appropriate protective clothing, with little or no staff help.  The students build up their skills & independence gradually until they are able to use a worklist to find the correct animal cage then use a schedule to follow the procedures for cleaning out, changing the water, giving the correct amount of the appropriate feed & providing a suitable amount of hay where necessary.  Most students are eventually able to carry out these duties completely independently.

This outdoor experience of caring for animals provides a calm & peaceful environment that is beneficial to our students’ self-esteem & independence.