Freemantles Primary


Our Mission was agreed through a series of staff meetings, Governors meetings and a consultation with pupils, parents and the whole school community conducted during the Summer Term 2015.

We recognise that children and young people with autism very frequently also have difficulties with their anxiety. Acute anxiety can often be transmitted between people. Therefore, the rationale for our mission is to support and ensure we work towards achieving positive emotional wellbeing across our whole community, most importantly for pupils, families and staff, this underpins all aspects of our work.


Agreed School Mission:

For Freemantles School and the community, especially parents and carers to work together to challenge each individual pupil to achieve as much as they can in their:

Emotional Wellbeing
Social understanding
Functional Academic progress

In order that they are able to live contented lives participating actively in society.

Freemantles School is a centre of excellence for children with complex social communication needs and /or Autism. To maintain this status we will ensure that we have staff trained in the effective implementation of a range of carefully selected strategies that we use to support successful teaching and learning for pupils with these needs. In addition we will offer high quality training and support to:

o parents,

o the community of Surrey Schools and Colleges and their parents,

o other interested parties.


Our Mission Statement is essentially a tag line for the school that sums up what we are about and why we do what we do:

Working together to make sense of the world



Whereas our vision is felt to be something that changes over time as the school changes, it should be looking at what we want to achieve in the next three years  and from this we develop our School Development Plan which prioritises things to achieve during the next year.

The main aspect of our current vision to enable us to support as many children with Autism as we can whilst maintaining and improving the quality of the provision on offer, with a view to becoming two form entry throughout the school in the longer term.



These values are our interpretation of British Values and will form a core part of our teaching:

British Values Freemantles Version
Democracy Everyone has a voice - you are valued
Rule of Law Follow the rules
Tolerance of cultures and religions Try to understand others
Mutual respect Show respect for all
Liberty Freedom to access opportunities
Understanding Autism, anxiety etc * Accepting difference
Safety* Feeling and Keeping safe

 *not specified as a British Value by the DFE added by Freemantles as considered to be particularly important in our context.


As pupils move through school, where it is appropriate, students may move to using the words used within the British Values too.

These values will form the themes for Assemblies across the school, in addition they are a major focus of our Social Context Curriculum