Freemantles Primary


Development Plan

The Freemantles Development Plan is created to identify the way in which we work towards delivering our aims. The format is also arranged in such a way that it addresses the key areas which the Headteacher reports to both Governors and OFSTED.

The Freemantles Development Plan is reviewed and evaluated each year and next steps are identified.

We intend to set up the plan to identify new strategic development but recognise the time and commitment required to maintain and improve upon what we have already established.

All actions identified in the development plan are considered to be of equal importance and we intend to work to achieve all of them during the next academic year.

NB. This is a working document which will be updated as necessary throughout the year.

fdp 23 24 working document .pdf






Archive of previous School Development Plans

 School Development Plan 2022-2023

PDF icon School Development Plan 2021 - 2022

PDF icon School Development Plan 2020 - 2021

PDF icon School Development Plan 2019 - 2020