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Vanessa Clark

Leader of Outreach and Inclusion 

Vanessa has taught in mainstream schools, where she has worked with and supported a number of pupils with Autism. She has completed the MA modules in both Autism and Speech and Language Difficulties. Vanessa joined Freemantles in September 2010 as a class teacher and became a member of the Social Stories team in 2011. Vanessa took over as Outreach leader in 2013. 
Emma Leach 

Emma Leach

Outreach Teacher

Emma joined Freemantles over 10 years ago, having previously worked in mainstream schools. She is especially interested in social communication and the sensory curriculum. Emma has completed the MA modules in both Autism and Gifted and Talented. She regularly talks about sensory processing difficulties for the Autism module of the MA.

Becky White

Outreach Teacher

Becky worked first in mainstream, and then with PMLD students. 8 years ago she moved to Freemantles and has been here ever since. Becky has worked with a range of ages, from Primary right up to FE age children, and has now made the move to the Outreach department. 

Christine Gregory

Outreach Assistant 

Christine joined the Outreach Team having worked as a Classroom Assistant and Lead Assistant at Freemantles in Key Stages 4, 5 and the Further Education Department. Previously she worked in a local mainstream primary school providing support on a one to one basis for students with Autism, ADHD and Social Communication difficulties. 
  Erica Umney Outreach Assistant

Erica is the mother of two children with Asperger's Syndrome. She worked as a Special Needs Assistant in a mainstream school for three and a half yearsbefore joining us at Freemantles. Erica has experience of supporting children with Asperger's, Autism, ADHD, ODD and PDA.