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Speech and Language Team

The Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) team based at the school offer:

Siobhan Dawkins

Siobhan Dawkins
Link Speech & Language Therapist

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurday


Sarah-May Wallace
Speech & Language Therapist

Wednesday, Thursday

Sarah Trice

Sarah Trice
Speech & Language Therapy Assistant

Tuesday, Thursday


Our emphasis is always to promote functional communication – this means working closely with class staff to support students to communicate their choices, needs and feelings in their every day environment.

We work closely with class staff to decide how best to provide targeted input. This may be whole-class work, small groups or individual sessions. The type of input will depend on what is most appropriate for each class and student at that time.  We also provide advice on how to adapt the environment to enable the students to use their communication skills effectively, or to train staff and carers to respond to and develop students’ individual communication methods.

Our team has a skills mix, which means that we have different levels of experience and training.  As well as Speech and Language Therapists, we have an SLT Assistant who is able to carry out programmes with pupils, with support and oversight from the Therapists. The Team can be contacted at school via the School Office.


Skill areas we support:-

Attention - Play - Interaction
Listening skills - Oro-motor skills - Vocabulary
Making inferences & prediction - Grammar - Concepts
Social skills - Speech sounds