Freemantles Primary


Freemantles is very proud of our staff team. They are a hugely committed and dedicated team who genuinely have the best interests of the pupils at heart. The class teams are made up of a teacher, a lead assistant and classroom assistants.

Generally, a class has 9 pupils and a total staff team of between 4 and 6 staff.

In addition to the class teams that parents will get to know well, there are a number of other staff teams across the school, which it is useful to be aware of.

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Justin Price Executive Head Teacher
Kate Ball Head of School - Secondary & FE
Tianna Webb Head of School - Primary
Vanessa Clark Head of Outreach
Karin Ferris School Business Manager
Katie Hunter Assistant Head - Secondary & FE
Phil Leach Assistant Head - Secondary & FE
Helen Freeman Assistant Head - Primary Pupil Welfare
Nicole Mills Assistant Head - Primary Curriculum
Jen Major Assistant Head - Primary 

Front Office Team

Kristie Fulbrook

Office Manager

Magda Ferroni


Kelly Fookes


Emma Huskinson Receptionist
Francesca Roberts  Receptionist 
Charlotte Bull Finance Lead Assistant
Sarah Bell Finance Assistant 
Tina Worsfold Office Assistant
Tracey Thomas Office Assistant
Tanya Smith Office Assistant

Family Support

Hannah Aldridge Family Support Worker
Debbie Stagg Family Support Worker
Jo Dwyer  Family Liaison Lead Administration Assistant
Jane Smith Family Liaison Lead Administration Assistant

Site Team

Jack Wells Site Manager
Louie Helyar Assistant Site Manager
Nicola Denyer Premises Assistant
Luke Boxall Premises Assistant
Maxine Field Curriculum Premises Assistant 


Shoaib Shabir ICT Manager

The Leadership and Governors at Freemantles are committed to further improving staff wellbeing and fulfilment. It is clear that staff wellbeing will impact directly upon pupil wellbeing, therefore we take a variety of steps to ensure staff know that they are valued and can have a good work-life balance.

As a part of our commitment to fulfilment we have in-house trainers in the main interventions that we use, and we utilise training opportunities to ensure that all staff are able to develop their skills so that they can implement them effectively in class. School finishes an hour earlier on Fridays which is used for staff training to ensure that we can deliver the interventions with great skill, at the highest quality.